The ‘L’ Family

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. I had been searching for a beautiful fall color location for this families shoot. She wanted colors. Fall colors. In Bloomington. It seemed like we should go somewhere really glorious because there are so many beautiful places around here. But everywhere I looked I couldn’t get this location out of my mind. I had been to this park for my sons cross country meet, during the golden hour, and saw the beautiful light reaching over the trees and touching down on the spectators and runners. My heart skipped a beat, obviously, and I knew I had to do a shoot here. This family seemed like the perfect match for this lovely park! But besides me thinking it would be perfect, they trusted me on it. I loved everything about this shoot. They are so much fun, just look at all these busting smiles. Plus their family is full of a huge amount of love. And I know they’re like this even when they’re not having their family photos taken…because we were friends before they were clients. I’m one lucky girl.



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The ‘M’ Family

Hi, my name is Jenny and I am years behind in blogging. So let’s start to fix that with one of my all-time favorite sessions EVER. It started on top of a parking garage roof at Indiana University in Bloomington because I had a vision that it would be spectacular and they trusted me that it would be. Sometimes clients come into my life and I go home and tell my family that my dreams came true! These guys are so fun. So real. So loving. So kind. So natural. So happy. So getting-how-to-live-a-happy-fulfilling-life. I think my English teachers would cringe to see how I just used a “-” but you get my point. I’ll leave now so you can see just how awesome these guys are, cause it shows in all their smiles and embraces. Yeeeeesssss!




The Lenz Family Film

I am always learning something when shooting a family film. Like a real-life-application-tool something. This sweet family taught me a couple things.

1. When you make cookies you can put the sprinkles and M&M’s on before you bake them. It makes them all fancy and cool.

2. When Mom’s speak with a sweet and gentle voice the children follow suit. This family was respectful to each other and they were all so kind. It makes me so happy to see that. There really is so much goodness in the world, in individual homes and families. We can all do our part to make the world a better place.

Now that I’ve got the feel-good things out there, let’s talk about this guys acrobatic abilities on the trampoline! Mind. Blown. Period. Maybe he gets it from his mom… On that note, meet the Lenz’s!