The “T” Family

Not only are these little girls lucky to have each other so they get a sister, they have awesome loving parents as well. My heart will forever swell with joy when I see families like this. Just think what a different place the world would be if everyone had this much love all around them, supporting them, encouraging them, laughing with them, comforting them, and having their backs. It was an honor to document your family and capture your current stage so you can always remember it. Thank you ‘T’ family!Bloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-PhotographerBloomington-Indiana-Family-Photographer


A Mother’s Day Giveaway!


I’m giving away a Family Photo Session to one lucky Mother in celebration of Mother’s Day! (Includes Digital Files) A bit of a way to pay-it-forward for all the wonderful acts of service given daily by the mothers around us.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn

I have three children of my own and realize that I’m flying by the seat of my pants trying to raise them right. I’m trying to teach them to be kind, loving, honest, hard working, responsible, charitable, funny, financially sound, down to earth, head in the sky, reach for goals, stretch farther than they think they can, follow a chore chart, be grateful, be spiritual, not break bones, play sports, see the importance of education, and love everyone.

I have always loved the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” (Or something really close to that, and I don’t know who said it…but you get the idea). I see the benefits that my children get from interactions with many other moms in the community around us. Teachers, oh the teachers, I admire you. You are special people that shape and love children giving them confidence and happiness. There are moms of friends that offer a warm smile and words of encouragement. There are friends that help pick up a child from school when you’re stuck at the doctor with another kid. There are women that offer to bring dinner to your family when you’re not feeling well yourself. There are moms that invite us to play dates and lunches just when we need it most. Or, perhaps, the true friend that comes over when your back is out and changes diapers and makes dinner for you. There are women that always have an open shoulder for you to cry on when life is more than you can bear, opening their arms and holding you as you sob just so you know how much you’re loved and that you’re not alone. There are those that always make you gut laugh. There are moms that take your older children when you rush off to the hospital to have a baby. There are friends that point you in the right direction when you need new doctors after a move. And sometimes, when you’re going to pass out because your child has fallen and has a bloody knee, a friend will check out the injury as you look away. There are women that volunteer their time to serve those in need, whether it be in a homeless shelter, a service project to supply women with feminine kits, serving as a foster parent, organizing a food drive, or visiting the lonely. There are good things happening all around us.

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” – Mother Teresa

What I want to do is recognize all those small acts of love and service that mothers perform around you and me all the time. They are building the community through individuals. I want to hear specifics of what someone has done for you, or that you have noticed them doing for others. Perhaps what they do for their own family that you admire. Think of those times that you might have been in a bind or with a broken heart when someone has come to your rescue. How did they help you or others? Or perhaps there is a mother that you admire because she has a giant heart and her kids are lucky to have her. Whatever it is, I want to hear about it! What fun it will be to read all these positive stories and see the goodness around us!

How the giveaway works: Tag the woman you would like to nominate on the pinned post on my Facebook page. As you tag her, also include specifics and stories that you love so much about her. Let me know why you would love to see her win a Family Photo Session. Please nominate as many mothers as you would like. The more the merrier, just keep them in separate comments please.

The deadline to nominate someone is Sunday, May 14 (Mother’s Day!) by the end of the day. Please keep it local as the photoshoot will need to be in the Bloomington, IN area. The Family Photo Session recipient will be announced by Tuesday, May 16.

Thank you mothers! You are doing great things, even if they are small things.

Click here to head over to the Facebook page to start nominating!

Maddie – Class of 2018

We were friends the instant we met. We both love Penn Station Subs (they’re not even paying me for this plug), the texture of meat is important to both of us, we think random things are funny, grease and chocolate are an epic combination in our minds, and the list goes on and on. She’s one of those people that I could talk and text with all day long, which I constantly have the giggles when doing so. There’s no superficial anything with her. I can be totally me and she appreciates it. I consider myself very lucky to have met such an amazing person. I also learned during her shoot that she is trying to publish a book of poems that she’s written, she wants to be a wedding photographer, and she hand makes the MOST adorable cards! So, without further ‘ado, meet Maddie, a super awesome high school senior & my new best friend!