The session deposit is $300 and it includes a $200 product credit. Digital files are avaliable for purchase. Please contact me for a full list of products and pricing.


I like to snuggle up babies with mom and dad, have siblings give them kisses, capture them sleeping on a treasured blanket, and watch the love unfold all while in the comfort of your home. I am a lifestyle photographer that keeps it real and natural. Sessions generally last from 1-2 hours and are relaxed, going with the flow of that cute new bundle of joy. I recommend keeping newborns in their birthday suit or in a tight fitted outfit so they don’t get lost in the clothing. Snuggly blankets and warm rooms keep babies comfortable.


Seniors are at such a fun crossroads in life getting ready to fly into the world and make their mark. My goal is to capture their personalities, make them shine, have fun, keep it natural, and celebrate their achievements. I suggest having three outfit changes plus any uniforms or outfits that showcase extracurricular activities (such as sports, music, and special events). I like to take seniors on location, perhaps somewhere with sentimental value, a beautiful field, or cool architecture. Sessions last 1-2 hours, like a really fun 1-2 hours. True.


Families are always changing. Kids grow, babies are born, milestones are met. I want to capture families as they really are with each other. Sessions are relaxed and fun because we do a lot of playing! As I watch parents loving their little ones my heart swells. It's the moments when they are holding hands, giving hugs, or helping tie shoelaces that we want to remember. I want to keep a piece of today for tomorrow because I know that your little ones will one day grow up and be big. Sessions are on location or in your home and last from 1-2 hours.