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And She’s Off ~ Cleveland Kids Photographer

Today my girl got on the big yellow bus to adventure out into the world and learn. I knew I would cry, I knew because when my son left for kindergarten I surprised myself and bawled like a baby. I knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier. I’m even a Mom that loves breaks from the kids and needs time to herself.

She informed me today that I would be at a loss without her and would have to do things myself. Then she remembered her little sister would be around and could get things for me.

When I look at this photo I see a little girl that can be scared or feel left out. I see a girl that might be shy. I see a girl that could get her little heart hurt…and the thing I think that is best for her is to go out there and feel those things, learn from life, grow, and become all that she can become. Though I write this through tears… Watching your own kid learn and experience the good and the bad is one tough thing to go through, and I fear I’ve only just begun. I hope I’ve taught her enough.

They always warn that the bus will be really late that first day. They were right. I die over the cuteness of this backpack.

Share your smile with the world! It could use it.

With all the bus waiting the sun came out to visit. Thank you sun. The girl has inherited my straight hair. I curled and sprayed like crazy, but before she even left it was mostly out:)Then the dang bus came and I had to be strong. As the door is opening, on the left, she hesitated slightly as if to say, “I don’t know about this after all, I’ve been excited but that’s a big bus with a bunch of kids I don’t know.” That would be when I lost it. Then she found her bravery and stepped right onto that bus and into the big world.Then she looked back, like the driver told her to for my picture, and I saw excitement and fear and potential in her eyes. All day I’ve hoped and prayed that I have hugged her enough, that I have laughed with her enough, that I have taught her right and wrong, that she knows she’s loved, that she has confidence to help her excel, that she can remember God, that she can find a little friend in her class, that she will come home with a big smile on her face loving every minute of it…even though it means she is growing up. Go out there little one and show the world what you’re made of; be kind, be loving, laugh often, learn, push yourself, serve others, share a smile, and never hold back on what you can become and do in life. The sky is the limit and you’re in the driver seat. The world is better with you in it.

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