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Iceland, Part 2 – Vestmannaeyjar

Iceland, Part 2 of 4 is finally here! (Click here to see Part 1!) On this day we took a ferry to the island of Vestmannaeyjar, off the southeast coast of Iceland. We started out with a hike that pretty much went STRAIGHT up. I was hoping for safety at the top, but there was a skinny trail lining the top of the mountain with drop offs on each side and birds flying around everywhere. There are so many birds in Iceland. We were attacked by little black bugs while wandering around up there and they forced us to abort and turn around. I’m pretty sure it was God telling us not to go farther so no one fell off! While I loved the stunning beauty of this place, half of our day was filled with rain and very dense fog. That fog covered up all our views. There were giant gorgeous green cliffs 100 meters in front of us that we couldn’t even see. Right before we had to get back on the ferry to return the fog started to lift. We booked it to the most recent volcanic left overs and found this amazing trail system to run through all the lava. This was a highlight on the trip that we had to cut short to get back on the ferry. But oh how glorious it was! I could sit and stare at the rocky cliffs all day long!


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