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Iceland, Part 3 – Reynisfjara Black Sand beach and Kvernufoss

Sometimes people ask me, “What was your favorite part in Iceland?” That is such a tough question. Like so tough. There are so many favorite parts and so many great memories through our whole trip. Each area we went to was unique in it’s own way. But if I was forced to pick just one, I might pick this very day. We ventured to the Black Sand Beach at Reynisfjara. We took our time to be there. We climbed big rocks that took us to a secluded area where tourists don’t always venture to. Those are my favorite spots. My son and husband guided and pushed me to fly my drone out and over the little islands that used to be trolls. I can’t believe a bird didn’t take it out! The sand really was black! We had to be careful of sneaker waves so we didn’t get sucked out to sea. Then we went to Kvernufoss. It was a short hike to a waterfall where we were the only ones there. We walked behind the waterfall, ventured up to the cliff area and were on the same plane as the birds, I crashed the drone for the first time ever, and we were attacked by sheep. People may tell you that those cute little fuzzy sheep are so cute and darling and would never hurt you. I’m here to tell you the opposite. There were 4 sheep, 2 with horns, 2 without. They lined up boy girl boy girl and started to charge us. My best idea was to tell everyone to make themselves as big as possible and rarrrrr like bears. They didn’t care about that at all. The thing that saved our lives was when my husband took a little step forward towards them and clapped at the same time. That made them hesitate just a moment, at which time I ran for my life – leaving my 13-year-old son to fend for himself – and climbed the little a-frame ladder over the fence to safety. So many good memories from this day! Enjoy our little day of bliss!

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