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Love My Canvas ~ Cleveland Photographer

I smile each time I see this lovely new canvas hanging on my wall in my living room. It is downright beautiful. It’s us; happy, grumpy, thinking, shy, inquisitive, loving, and genuine. I love using these with sessions so you can display your whole story. Even more beautiful with a canvas on each side with one photo featured in a big way. Mmmm, beautiful.

* This canvas is 30×30, I suggest putting a 20×30 on each side (not a collage, just single photo) to make it even more stunning. The possibilities are endlessly fun…I’m always here to help figure out what to display and how!

**A little love note sent from Gail after she received her canvas like the above one! “STUNNING!!  There has GOT to be a way to get across to people how beautiful this is. I never expected anything this awesome!! It far exceeds any expectations I could have imagined!
It should be required and not just suggested!”

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