Video has a way of bringing everything to life. It has a powerful impact on the viewer. A well-crafted, succinct video can capture not only what a home looks like, but its soul. Real estate videos can have different purposes. I offer two distinct styles of video.


PROPERTY SHOWCASE VIDEOS highlight architectural and design features of the home. They not only show the home, but also focus on the aspects of the home that are its greatest selling points. Think of these videos as customized commercials for the property. Drone footage is included where permitted.


DESCRIPTIVE WALKTHROUGH VIDEOS are used to show the layout of the home. They include call-out information throughout the video to highlight key aspects of the property. Video duration varies based on the size of the home.

Please complete the Preparation Checklist before my arrival. See pricing information here!

Property Showcase Video - Volume on!

Descriptive Walk Through Video - Volume on!

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