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It was cold this day. This family sucked it up and had fun anyway. They huddled in warm buildings when needed and took turns coming out to join me. I’ll tell you something about me, when I’m photographing I take on some superhero strengths I don’t otherwise have. I don’t notice if it’s hot or cold, if I’m hungry or thirsty, if my feet are blistering or my back is giving me grief. I am in my element and happy place with a camera in my hands. All I notice is the joy and love on the other side of the lens…and the light. I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the light. I see the effort it has taken to get everyone to the shoot, the time it’s taken to make the outfits just right, the fresh hair cuts, the little details with jewelry and darling shoes. And even more than that, I see love, laughter, sibling rivalries and bonds, tender ways parents interact with their kids, the dynamics of how a family is run, inside jokes that make them laugh, and different stages in life from young child to teens. I see it all and I capture it all. I’m grateful every time a family lets me in their circle for a moment to really be with them. The whole process makes my heart sing. I now share with you the ‘M’ family in the lovely downtown where the sun popped out for a moment to join us and the wind graced us with it’s presence off and on.



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