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Two darling little girls and a new puppy! What a beautiful combination…well, until he starts biting their clothes;) I’m so lucky to get to meet this family as they just moved here to Bloomington. The weather was beyond delightful. The trees and buildings on the Indiana University Campus had my jaw dragging on the ground. I also learned that Ginkgo trees are very cool and very smelly. Like if you step on their leaves the smell will stick to your shoes and come home with you. But it was Oh-So worth it! I also want to mention that this little puppy, which is a Golden Doodle, made me feel like I was walking around campus with celebrities. EVERYONE wanted to pet him, take photos of him, and share stories about their dog. I almost started signing autographs and he isn’t even my dog! To the sunshine in the fall colors with lovely people and an irresistible puppy mixed in!



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