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I will never tire of getting to immerse myself into the lives of families that I get to film. I am often overwhelmed by the tragedies that are in the world, but when I get to be with families and see how they operate with love and kindness it makes everything else disappear. These four little ones hit the jackpot when they landed in this family. They have two loving parents that not only love them, but they love each other. They are kind, considerate, fun, involved, full of service, and good happy people. I was lucky enough to get to meet the Mom as we were moving here to Bloomington. She held my hand along the way and answered my many many questions…and when we got here we were engulfed right into their lives like long-time friends. So thank you. Thank you for your friendship, thank you for making the world a better place, and thank you for letting me capture a glimpse of your beautiful lives! So, without further ado, meet the Williams family!



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