I went to a photography retreat years ago where I was introduced to short films. I didn't know they even existed for individual families. They were of people I had never met or known, yet there I was with tears streaming down my face. It was right then and there that I new my heart needed to create these films for families. While the days may be long, the years are short. The little voices of children change before we know it. Rolling over turns to crawling, which turns to baby steps followed closely by real walking. Before we know it they're stepping onto the school bus, walking out the door to college, then all the sudden they're walking down the aisle to get married. No matter the stage of life we're in, the only guarantee is that it is changing.


What I love about short films is that every day motion and sounds are captured. The little details are preserved just the way they were. They pull the heart right back to that moment in time and never let the memory end. Children can look back on them and see how much love surrounded their everything, what they sounded like, and little actions they made. Add music on top of all of that and my heart swells. Short films have a very special way of keeping a piece of today for tomorrow.


Films are $475 + a $100 session fee. Contact me to book yours today!






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