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This is my Realtor, Tim. We met him when we were first moving here looking for a rental home. He went above and beyond to help us, but in the end we picked one that we had found through someone else. Fast forward a year from then and we were in the market to buy a home. We remembered him and hunted him down so he could help us. He was so patient during the search, always happy and kind. He’s just a genuinely great guy. And he does this brilliant thing at the end of the search. You have to pick your top four homes or so and go see them on the same day. That is when I knew our home was “the one.” So, if you ever need a Realtor, don’t go anywhere else or you’ll be sorry:)

Oh, and let’s not forget that it has always been my dream to ride in a convertible. My dreams came true on this shoot! I got to ride from one location to another in his car, it was all I had ever hoped for!

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