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She’s mine and she has me wrapped around her big brown eyes. Lately I’ve been thinking about how lucky she is to be the last kid. I mean, the first one was lucky because it was just the two of us for just over 3.5 years, but I was pregnant for some of that and not all that fun to be around. Then the second came and demanded a lot. The middle child isn’t lucky because they aren’t the first or the last:) But, the last, man they have it made. I’ve learned a little about parenting before she came. I haven’t been pregnant so she’s always had “me.” And now that the others are both in school, she and I get to hang out and play. Especially since she’s old enough to “hang out and play.” She is my little buddy. I have mixed emotions when I think about her heading off to school one day. I’m sure by then she’ll be old and ready to be away from me. But right now she is sad when I’m not around and follows me where I go like a little shadow. I adore her. I cherish her. I hope she knows it.


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