PHOTOGRAPHY: The session deposit is $300 and it includes a $200 product credit. Digital files are avaliable for purchase. Prints start at $40.


FILMS: $475 + a $100 session fee


Please contact me for a full list of products/pricing and to book your session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Digital Files?

Yes! I shoot to tell your story and that means each photo is a memory. All of these memories are available digitally - a favorite way for my clients to hold onto the moments. Plus, they come in handy for holiday cards, birthday announcements, and family gifts. Of course, I also offer many professionally printed options including albums, canvases, metal prints, and much more.


What if my home doesn’t look like a magazine?

Great! Then that means you're not a magazine so we wouldn't want that anyway. I want to capture you as YOU. Don't worry about everything being perfect. I shoot at flattering angles and with blurry backgrounds so you will shine no matter how "perfect" you may be.


Do you have a studio?

No. I like to photograph my clients in their own homes or in beautiful locations, perhaps somewhere that has special significance or meaning. This can include favorite outdoor locations, parts of the city, or a family hangout. By using these locations personalities and emotions come out naturally.


How exactly does a film session work?

Think of me like a fly on the wall that can talk and give a few directions here and there. The whole joy of these films is that we are capturing you within the walls of your home or favorite spot, a safe place your are familiar with and comfortable. You can wear your jammies while making pancakes, a robe while you drink your coffee, you can lounge in a chair while your kids play in the lake, or sprinkles may spill while frosting cookies. It's all about the memories you want to freeze for tomorrow. I join your family for a bit and you guys all carry on as normal while I make magic of it all!


What should I wear?

I like to tell my clients that they should be their "best" selves. Keep it true to who you are, but spruce it up a little! Once we get your session date set up I can help you select outfits by sending samples, giving tips, and most importantly, sharing feedback on what you’ve picked! Outfits can REALLY add to a session so it's important to get it right. I’m here to help you and guide you along the way.

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