I’m a list maker. The kind of list that has a little box followed by what it is I’m listing. When I finish something I check the box and put a line through the item. Ahhhh, sense of accomplishment. So, here’s a nice list about me because that’s how I roll.

• I’ve been married for 15 years. I’m finally starting to admit that I’m not fresh out of High School.
• I got a good man. He supports me and helps me realize my dreams and makes them come true. Plus he’s witty, which is the real reason I married him.
• I have three kids ranging from 13 to 6. The oldest is my handsome guy that likes to do what’s right, has a tender heart, and bosses the crap out of his sister. There’s a girl with dimples in the middle and is cute as can be…but she is a middle child. She’s all love or all whine. Then there’s my adorable youngest who makes us laugh, smile, and melts my heart when she gives me snuggles. I am her favorite and I eat it up since I’ve been second place with the others…though that middle one has been leaning towards me lately!
• My current favorite Pandora station is “A Great Big World” followed by “Andy Grammer.” Combine that with editing photos and I’m in my own little heaven.
• I can pass up cake and candy, but if there are brownies or greasy-gooey-chocolate-chip-cookies watch out.
• I love camping. I’ll admit that it was a whole lot more fun when I wasn’t the Mom, but it’s still refreshing being in the outdoors and getting away from it all.
• I love scouring the racks at TJ Maxx and finding a deal. It makes me feel like I won.
• The beach is my happy place.
• I’m currently addicted to a garden salad topped with ranch made from the packet.
• I made myself a chore chart, like I did for my kids. I like cleaning and I like lists. Double bonus.
• Flying makes me a little crazy. Not so much that we’ll crash, but more claustrophobic being stuck in something suspended in the air with no way out.
• Bananas have a perfect ripe stage for about 12 hours, bright yellow and absolutely no spots on them. Then they’re yucky and make me gag.
• My favorite movie is “While You Were Sleeping”. Love Sandra Bullock. I might have kids named after the main characters, but not in a weird obsessed way.
• Homemade rolls and bread are dangerous.
• Planting a seed and watching it grow into a plant fascinates me; then to see food grow on it is jaw dropping. And flowers, wow. I’m kind of in awe about how cool it is.
• I love exercising. I might even teach a mean boot camp class.
• Accidentally getting some red pepper in my eye makes the actual eye-ball swell. Don’t try it.
• The perfect ending to a day is crawling into bed and reading a captivating book.



Since I was a little girl I have kept a journal. There's a piece of me that needs a record of the past - memories not to be forgotten, experiences from which I can learn and grow, hardships to overcome, and joys to celebrate. As I have experienced life my camera has become a part of me. I take photos of everyday moments because I want to remember them and relive them whenever I feel like it. I think of myself as an old lady with a smile on her face thinking back on the good 'ol days. In the midst of her thoughts she picks up a photo album that instantly takes her back to a different period in her life. In that moment she can see the smiles and hear the laughter again. She can see the small chubby faces of her babies and it’s like she is holding them again.

That is the value of photography - keeping a piece of today for tomorrow. During a photography session with me I will capture your story, your love, your connections, your quirks, your emotions, and your you. After all, isn’t that what we will want to hold onto in the long run? When authenticity and love are combined with beautiful surroundings and magical light my heart skips a beat. I can be sitting at my computer editing away and come across a photo that makes my soul sing. And that, my friends, is when you know you have found your calling in life. I am here to tell your story so that the “now” can last forever.

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