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As my kids have grown and I look back on the photos from their younger years, I love to engulf myself in a big dose of nostalgia. Minus that crazy hard baby phase. I know time passes quickly. I know kids grown and change all the time. If it weren’t for photos and video’s I would possibly cry myself to sleep every night. I am in love with being able to capture the now so that today can be enjoyed tomorrow. When I look through these photos of a mother with her two little ones I can’t help but look into the future and see them looking back on the time that they chilled at the pond in their neighborhood, made pancakes together, and read a pirate book in silly voices. I imagine them pointing out the style of the time; what’s changed and what’s cool now. I think of them pointing at something around the house, perhaps a saying that is hung, and telling about how they remember it and read it over and over when sitting in the room staring into space. This is what I love about photography. It’s all bundled up right here never to be forgotten.


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