Think of preparing your home for photos like you would think of getting ready for walking the red carpet. You would want to look your very best and shine! In a similar way, you want to showcase your home. This begins with removing clutter and personal items. Make it easy to see each room's function and purpose. Allow viewers to picture themselves in your home—that is the point of home photos. Let's convince viewers that your home is THE home they want. Before I arrive, complete the checklist below to prepare for an effective shoot.



Counters Cleaned off and wiped down.

Soaps put under sink.

Remove hand towels.

Fridge empty of magnets and cleaned.

All appliances cleaned.

Light fixtures cleaned.

Floors swept and clean.



Counters cleaned off, wiped down, and left empty.

Towels removed unless they add style to room.

Mirrors cleaned.

Glass shower doors cleaned.

If glass shower door, hide shampoo, soap, etc from shower.

Tubs clean.

Bathmats removed unless they add to the room.

Plungers hidden.

Close toilet seats.

Tissue boxes hidden.



Bed made with pillows placed beautifully.

Floors cleared.

Floors vacuumed or swept.

Dressers and night stands cleaned off/cleared off unless item adds style to the room.

All clutter removed.

Anything under the bed pushed out of view.



All clutter removed.

Pillows placed purposefully.

TV stand cleared off.

Floors vacuumed or swept.

TV and other electronics dusted.



Hide animal bowls.

Raise all window blinds.

Mudrooms decluttered with coats and shoes put away.

Coat racks removed.

Remove cat towers.

Turn off ceiling fans.

Organize toys in toy room.

Pick up all toys throughout home hide when possible.

Take down family photos.



Place all trash cans in the garage.

Cars removed from driveway.

All yard tools in garage.

All bikes etc. in garage.

Weed flower beds.

Beautifully fresh mowed lawn.

Place hoses behind shrubs.

Windows empty of any signs.

Sweep decks.

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